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Undergraduate Scholarships & Funding

Please find below information on the various financial options open to Trinity students, including education grants, loans, and scholarships. Some of these options are open to all students, whereas some will have restrictions based on your EU/Non-EU status, course of study, and similar.

Funding Options for Students

Students are encouraged to apply for Trinity-wide scholarships, including the Foundation Scholarship.

Trinity also offers a number of scholarship opportunities specifically for international students each year.

Scholarships for International Students

Trinity also offers a number of scholarship opportunities for Irish and EU students each year. Find out more about these on our Scholarships page

Irish and EU Student Scholarship

Students are always encouraged to explore external funding options in their home countries, including local and governmental awards. Students from the United States should note that Trinity is an accredited recipient of US federal student loans.

Fees & Payments

Foundation Scholarship

Students in their Senior Freshman (second) year may opt to take Foundation Scholarship exams, usually held in January. These searching examinations, on material from the student's own course of study, are the basis for the election to Scholarship of the University. Students who achieve an overall first class honours result in these examinations are elected as Scholars on Trinity Monday.

A scholarship is tenured for 5 years, during which time the Scholar is entitled to free Trinity accommodation, their evening meal free of charge at Commons, a waiver of their tuition fees or student contribution (non-EU students' fees are reduced by the value of EU fees) and a small annual stipend. Scholars are also entitled to use the post-nominal letters "sch." after their name.

Scholarship is a very prestigious award given to approximately 70 students each year. See? for more information.

Sports Scholarships

Trinity Sport offer between 30 - 40 High Performance Sports Scholarships per year as well as a number of specific Rugby Scholarships.


Sport scholars should be competing at the highest national level possible in their chosen sport and have been offered a place in the University. The closing date is generally the first week in October, see? for further details and to download an application form or contact?

Benefits include:

  • Financial grant
  • Nutritional workshops
  • Financial Assistance
  • Sports medical care programme
  • Sports psychology workshops
  • Access to performance coaching
  • Strength and conditioning programmes
  • Support to liaise with academic tutors
  • Sport Scholarship kit



Financial Assistance & Trinity Bursaries

There are numerous financial resources available to undergraduate students studying at Trinity. The level of financial support varies depending on each student's situation.

Anyone can apply for financial assistance; however, the applications are means tested and you will need to provide documentation such as bank statements, P21s, social welfare documents etc. Application forms are available from the Senior Tutor's Office website?

A comprehensive list of Bursaries/Awards is available on the Senior Tutor's Office website. For more information on financial support for third-level students, see:?



Download the Sizarship application form

Sizars are Entrance Exhibitioners of limited means who have Commons (evening meal) free of charge.

Application to be considered for the award of a sizarship should be made to the Applications and Admissions Team on or before 15 October of the year of entry.

Sizarships are normally tenable for the first two years of an undergraduate course.


Irish Higher Education Grants (SUSI) (EU Students Only)

Higher Education Grants are awarded at undergraduate and postgraduate level. In addition to free tuition at undergraduate level, the principal support available is a means-tested maintenance grant. Depending on the course you are pursuing, you may be eligible for a grant.

You can obtain full details of the grant schemes from the Student Universal Support Ireland. Details are available on the?SUSI website

Applications for a grant should be submitted in the same name in which the student is / will be registered.

Student Loans - UK Residents Only (Including Northern Ireland)

The Student Loans Company (SLC), administers government-funded loans and grants to students throughout the United Kingdom. It is responsible for UK student support in partnership with Local Authorities in England and Wales, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Education and Library boards in Northern Ireland, the Higher Education Institutions and HM Revenue & Customs.

All queries regarding student loans should be directed to the?Student Loans Company Ltd.


Entrance exhibitions (EU Students Only)

Entrance exhibitions are automatically awarded to Junior Freshmen (first year) new entrants provided that sufficient merit is shown in public examination results. Each exhibition is in the form of a book prize. Exhibitioners and their parents/guardians are invited to attend a ceremony during their first term. The schools in which exhibitioners received their post-primary education are informed.

School prizes

Prizes are available to students from the following schools:

the Abbey School, Tipperary;

Portora Royal School, Enniskillen;

Mount Temple Comprehensive, Dublin;

St Andrew's College, Booterstown and Alexandra School, Dublin.

Reid Entrance Exhibition

Download the Reid Entrance Exhibition Form

In 1888, the sum of £6,200 was received under the will and testament of the late Richard Touhill Reid to found additional sizarships. The awards, which do not exceed five in number, are open only to students of limited means and who are natives of county Kerry. They are granted to qualified candidates on the basis of their public examination results and are tenable for two years.

Students not eligible are those who:

  1. are above the standing of Junior Freshman (first year)
  2. are graduates of any chartered university
  3. have completed their nineteenth year before 1 May of the year in which they compete.

Exhibitioners have their Commons (evening meal) free, are supplied with a laptop and receive a salary of €6,000 per annum. . During the Senior Freshman (second) year, exhibitioners normally compete for Foundation scholarships. Those who fail to obtain such scholarships, but are deemed to have shown sufficient merit, may have their exhibitions extended for two further years.

The deadline for applications is 15?October of the proposed year of entry.